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Completed business license applications must be turned in by the business owner at the city hall in person and will not be accepted mailed in. Please have a government photo ID with you at the time of turning in your application. See below for business license fees and link to download appropriate forms. If you have 5 or more employees you must furnish proof of liability insurance or complete and furnish the affidavit of exemption for workers' compensation insurance form when you turn in your business license application. More business regulations and licenses information may be found here.

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Business License Application

adobepdf.gif Affidavit of Exemption for Workers Compensation Insurance
adobepdf.gif Police Department Business Emergency Contact Registration
Business License Fees
Appliance dealer See furniture dealer  
Auction houses and stores Annual $35.00
Auctioneers Annual $35.00
Automobile, used Annual $35.00
Bait dealers Annual $35.00
Bakery See restaurant  
Banks Annual $35.00
Barber shops and hair dresser (one chair) Annual $35.00
Additional chairs $5.00 per chair $5.00
Billiard tables, bagatelle table,    
pigeon hole table, jenny lind table, Annual $35.00
Other tables for gain or hire    
Boarding houses and nursing homes Annual $35.00
Bowling alley or ten pin alley Annual $35.00
Brokers Annual $35.00
Builders See contractors  
Butcher shops, locker plants,    
and slaughter houses Annual $35.00
Car dealer, used See automobile, used 3
Carnival See menagerie, show 3
*Child Care-Category 1 (1-6 children) Annual $35.00
*Child Care-Category 1 (6-10 children,   3
Zoning Restrictions Apply) Annual $35.00
*Child Care-Category 2-Group Child    
Care Home (11-20 children) Annual $35.00
*Child Care-Category 3-Child Care    
Center (Qty of children per    
Directors State Qualifications) Annual $35.00
Child Care-Nursery School-See State Definition Annual $35.00
Circus See menagerie, show  
Clinic, medical Facility, etc Annual $35.00
Clock and watch repairs Annual $35.00
Coal yard See wood yard  
Commission merchants Annual $35.00
Computer Sales, Services, Electronics,    
Web Services Annual $35.00
Concerts, lectures, street, exhibitions, Annual $35.00
puppet shows, legerdemain, rope or    
wire walking, all-night sings    
Concrete ready-mix and block dealer Annual $35.00
Confectioners (Ice Cream Stores) Annual $35.00
Contractors (provided no license tax shall Annual $35.00
be levied on day laborer)    
Day Care Provider - See Child Care    
Dental, medical Facility, etc. Annual $35.00
Drug dispensing establishment Annual $35.00
Druggist Annual $35.00
Dry cleaning Annual $35.00
Electrician See plumber  
Electric shop Annual $35.00
Embalmer See undertaker  
Exchange Mill See feed grinder  
Exhibitions See concerts, menagerie, show  
Express agents Annual $35.00
Express companies Annual $35.00
Feed grinders, exchange mills, grain elevators Annual $35.00
Fortune tellers Annual $35.00
Furniture dealers and/or appliance dealers Annual $35.00
Garage Annual $35.00
Gardeners, nursery, pest control agents Annual $35.00
General merchandise stores Annual $35.00
Generator shop See welding  
Gift enterprise Annual $35.00
Grain elevator See feed grinder  
Gunsmith See clock and watch repair  
Hair dresser See barber shops  
Hardware dealers Annual $35.00
Horoscopic views Annual $35.00
Hotel Annual plus $5.00 per room $35.00
Ice manufacturers and dealers Annual $35.00
Implement dealers Annual $35.00
Insurance agents Annual $35.00
Insurance companies Annual $35.00
Jewelry repair See clock and watch repair  
Juke box (electrical musical machine Annual $35.00
operated as a musical amusement device)    
Loan agents or companies Annual $35.00
Locker plant See butcher shops  
Lumber dealer or yard Annual $35.00
Marble manufacture and dealers Annual $35.00
Message Services Annual $35.00
Medical Facilities, Services Annual $35.00
Menagerie, carnival, circus Annual $35.00
Motel Annual plus $5.00 per room $35.00
Movie house Annual $35.00
Nursery See gardener  
Nursing School See Child Care  
Nursing home See boarding house  
Optician and optometrist Annual $35.00
Package store Annual $35.00
Patent right dealer Annual $35.00
Pawn broker Annual $35.00
Peddler, transient merchant, Solicitor Annual $35.00
Pest control agent See gardener  
Photographist and photographers Annual $35.00
Pin ball machine Annual/per machine $35.00
Plumber, electrician (persons or person Annual $35.00
doing business as plumbers and electricians    
who sell materials connected with their trade)    
Printing (all printing and job printing presses of Annual $35.00
all kinds kept in the same room and under    
one management)    
Produce dealers See commission merchant  
Public halls Annual $35.00
Real estate agent or dealers Annual $35.00
Restaurants, bakeries Annual $35.00
Scales Annual $35.00
Self storage warehouses Annual $35.00
Service station Annual $35.00
Show (other than a menagerie or circus) Annual $35.00
all shows, menageries or circuses, where    
the exhibitions shows under more than two    
tents See also theatrical performances    
Sign painter Annual $35.00
Slaughter house See butcher shop  
Tailoring See dry cleaning  
Tattoo Services Annual $35.00
Telephone exchange - all exchanges Annual $35.00
Theatrical performances, etc. (any theatrical, Annual $35.00
operatic, minstrel, musical performance or    
exhibition) See also shows    
Tin shop or tin repairer Annual $35.00
Trailer park Annual $35.00
1 plus $5.00 per Trailer  
Transient merchant See peddler  
Undertaker and embalmers Annual $35.00
Vehicles (upon a license tax on each Annual $35.00
vehicle used and operated in this city    
for the purpose of hauling goods, wares,    
and merchandise for parties other than    
But this section shall not apply to merchants or other persons who use their own vehicles to deliver their goods, nor persons working for the cit when in city employ.
Warehouse Annual $35.00
Welding or generator shop Annual $35.00
Wholesale merchants Annual $35.00
(supplying merchants selling at retail)    
Wood yard and coal yards Annual $35.00
*Must be State Registered/Licensed