Municipal Utilities Board

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St. James Municipal Utilities, (SJMU) was started in 1947 and is a city owned service. The Municipal Utilities is operated under the direction of the St. James Municipal Utilities Board.

Utility Board Members

The Municipal Utilities Board consists of four members. The members shall be appointed by the Mayor, and confirmed by the city council. The board members must be registered voters of City of St. James. The member can not hold any other office during their term. The board members will hold the office for a term of fours years or until their successors are appointed and qualified by the mayor making the appointment. Each board member is paid $25.00 per month for service. The Utility Board meetings are held at 11:00 am at the St. James Municipal Center, 100 S. Jefferson, St. James, MO 65559 on the first Tuesday of each month, unless a scheduling conflict occurs.

The current Municipal Utilities Board members are:

Charles Armistead, President

Rodney Edwards, Secretary

Stephanie Hayes

Ric Palmer